Sliding Gate Motor

Sliding Gate Motor may be used with practically any access control system. With a flashing bulb to indicate that the gate is operational. The gate automatically locks and can only be operated by remote control or with the key provided for manual operation. This can be powered by a UPS/inverter.

Hanger Door

Our elegantly designed Hanger Door offers optimum useable hangar and ramp area while meeting aesthetic and budgetary criteria at your workplace. Innovations in our production methods enabled us to build automatic high-speed doors at a low cost. This door is easy to use and safe to handle.


Swing Gate Motor

Swing Gate Motor consists of two extended, synchronized arms attached to the two flaps of your current swing gate. This motor is suitable for gates weighing up to 350kg and measuring 4 meters per leaf. This motor is perfect for automating swing gates, even those with tall pillars.

Industrial Gates

Industrial Gates are an excellent choice for providing safe pedestrian areas across your property. Industrial facilities are frequently crowded with rapid activity. Vehicles are likely to be hauling items, heavy machinery will be operating, and big volumes of material will be moving from one location to another.


Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors are doors designed particularly for commercial use. They are commonly seen in schools, office buildings, retail establishments, hospitals, industrial plants, and other commercial structures. These doors are designed primarily for use in commercial buildings and are subject to strict safety and compliance regulations.

Boom barrier

Boom barrier may be lowered to prevent vehicular access to a regulated area or raised to enable traffic to pass. This is horizontal pole or bar that swivels to govern vehicle flow by permitting or stopping the vehicle. It is more like to a bar or a pole than a gate.

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